A Central American Adventure: Parte Tres

Our next place of residence would be the Earth Lodge and we were advised against walking to it since it was a few miles outside of town. Barreling up an incredibly steep and windy hill in the bed of a rusty old Toyota truck carrying a pinata, we saw why; that hill could never be walked by me. Alex, yes possibly, since that’s he does for a living in the summers, but me? No way! Yet we saw families carrying sticks on their back, women and children alike, all making their way up the hill while we flew past. We were dropped off about 300 meters from the actual lodge and left to carry our things down a dusty, bumpy and eventually very steep path way. But, no worries because it was…

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A Central American Adventure: Parte Dos

This is the part where I say I was nervous, beyond nervous to arrive in Guatemala City. I was very incredibly nervous all the way up to our taxi pulling into the driveway of the hotel at midnight. Why? Well partly because I was in a new city, one that has a less than stellar reputation at night, but mostly because Alex had me fully convinced our hotel would be of the trashy, bug-infested, and yucky variety. I remember thinking all the way up to that moment we pulled in, “Why on Earth would he book such a gross place for our very first night?!” I was seriously dumbfounded. I, of course, would never let him see my doubt and know that I was thinking that (until now, I guess!). All jokes aside…

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A Central American Adventure: Parte Uno

My trip to Guatemala & Honduras was, well…colorful. I mean that in the most literal sense as well; there is every color of the rainbow wherever your eye wanders. Whether you’re in the bouncy and speedy tuk tuks, the clear ocean agua, or an exotic bird sanctuary tucked away in the jungle, there is an added vibrance to life. This vibrance is buried deep within the land but manifests itself through its people, food, and culture. I’d have to say that the cities we visited on this trip were some of the most culturally rich and invigorating places I’ve ever set foot in.

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Alaska: Round One

My favorite thing to tell people about my first trip to Alaska? “I went alone.” I received many a confused stare, “Shut up!”s, and silent planning to check me into the looney bin. I can’t blame them though; I was pretty nuts to go by myself. After all, it was my first solo trip (a semi-solo three day stint in Amsterdam doesn’t really count.), and I was leaving a warm Ohio to visit frigid Alaska.

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I think it is time for me to get back into this blog again! While I am no longer in France or anywhere remotely exciting, I need something amusing to dive into while my final semester slowly takes its toll on me.

Some news: Since I’ve written last, I have visited Chicago (August 2012), Alaska (October 2012) and then Guatemala & Honduras (December ’12-January ’13)

All of those trips have been utterly amazing. Life changing. Eye-opening. Challenging, yet rewarding. Full of love. Just….awesome! I can’t wait to begin writing again (Oh, how I’ve missed it!) and share some of my journeys & trips I am dying to take.

Since I can’t be abroad all of the time, a major bummer really, I hope to post some other daily life things in here as well.

Let’s go! 😀


I’m in Fairbanks! Or, more specifically, North Pole. After many long hours of traveling (lost count after the 3rd time going through security) and my almost freak-out on the plane (I had thought we had been sitting on the ground w/ the engine running for the past 2 hours after I woke up from SeaTac to Fairbanks…) I AM HERE!

Weather is gorgeous (45 + cloudy) and the air, oh the AIR! So unbelievably clean. I can literally smell every single pine needle, shard of grass, and the upcoming rain. 🙂

Oh and just so you know, it is entirely possible to scale the length of St. Louis airport within 8 minutes. If you are booking it, of course!

 P.S: Shout-out to Rob of Washington and Wayne (or if you’re the sheriff, then it’s “Willy”) of everywhere for an enjoyable flight into Seattle. You guys rock!